Depression is a disease of our time

Studies worldwide show that depression, like cardiovascular disease, is the most common ailment of our time. This is a common disorder that affects millions of people. According to different researchers, it affects up to 20% of the population of developed countries.
Depression is a serious disease that dramatically reduces the ability to work and brings suffering to the patient and his loved ones. Unfortunately, very few people are aware of the typical manifestations and consequences of depression, so many patients are assisted when the state takes a protracted and severe, and sometimes not provided. In almost all developed countries, health services are concerned with the situation and make efforts to disseminate information about depression and its treatment.

The main types of depression

Often depression arise on a background of stress or long-existing severe traumatic situations. Sometimes they occur for no apparent reason. Depression may accompany somatic diseases (cardiovascular, gastrointestinal, endocrine, and so on). In such cases, it greatly aggravates the course and prognosis of the primary somatic diseases. However, early detection and treatment of depression has been a rapid improvement in mental and physical health.
Depression can occur in the form of single, different severity of episodes of illness or leak a long time in the form of repeated exacerbations.
In some patients, depression is chronic - lasts for many years without reaching any considerable weight.
Sometimes depression is limited mainly to bodily symptoms without distinct emotional expressions. Clinical and laboratory examination may not reveal any organic changes. In such cases it is necessary to consult a psychiatrist.

Depression: low mood or serious illness?

Symptoms of depression arise residents all States universe. In the United States and European countries such diagnosis is every day, but it does not cease to be severe. How to prevent the disease? This is required thought towhat deteriorating in mind man, sinks or already is in the state convulsions.

An excuse to do nothing or real disease?

Let's face it.

Cymbalta: a medicine to treat depression

Cymbalta is a medication psychotropic action form, which is used, as the name implies, for the treatment of depression. This antidepressant"aligns" pathological exchange of special substances (neurotransmitters), which is violated when disease. As a result of applying man of drug is Cymbalta similar pharmacological groups observed appearance mood, no dullness, boredom, apathy, decrease emotional stress. Along with this, the normalization of mental activity, duration of sleep and appetite. It should be noted that this drug is Cymbalta constantlyhave no excellent actions for a person who does not suffering depression. That is why the use of this drug is recommended only in cases where there is pronounced depressive syndrome.


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